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Here at Gentle Disruption, I will coach your workforce to improve skills within areas of:- conflict solving, self-reliability and team building; along with many more areas that will help your staff achieve working at their best more of the time and develop your workplace into a working environment which is marked by collaboration, self-awareness and curiosity within your team.

Gentle Disruption's services will be tailored to your unique requirements, no matter if you are an individual or a large multi-national. I am using Clean Language to coach you and your staff with utmost respect to your ways of thinking, living and working.

Big or small, Gentle Disruption is here for you, so are you:-

► An individual who is stuck with a business related social problem or do you want to develop your self? Do you want to achieve a certain outcome and are struggling? I will help you develop your own unique ways to realistically build and achieve your dreams.

An organisation who wants to help staff develop their skills, e.g. improving organisational skills, conflict solving, self-reliability skills, as well as increasing motivation among your employees, look know further.

I will help you and your employees ways to find out how they work at their best so they can work more efficiently, boosting work place satisfaction along the way. To do this, in short we look at improving your teamís collaboration, thus helping you to improve communication between management and front line workers as well as different departments. I will help you and staff develop skills required to solve conflicts, to manage any changes your workplace is undergoing in order to improve staff retention. We will also help you to find a new direction should you require it.

Contact me today so we can discuss what you would like to have happen.!


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